Life in light and  shade 


Rachel Shavit Bentwich is a 90-year-old Israeli painter. 

Her massive work (about 1000 paintings and sketches) is part of the Israeli art foundations, but unfortunately she and the “AKLIM” (climate, 1973) group that is one of its founders have not been recognized by the Israeli  cultural elite in art books etc. Rachel is Ancestor of the Brןtish bentwich dynasty - part of a long cultural tradition of architecture, music, education and painting in the Land of Israel.For a year, Rachel has been documented in a process of saying goodbye to her paintings, her family's ancient artifacts, her students and family.Behind every object an exciting story, difficulty and struggle, but also acceptance and forgiveness.The film is interwoven with archive footage from TV segments of Rachel as chairperson of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association (for 17 years), and clips from Michal Heiman and Gur Bentvich documentation of Rachel.



Director producer cinematographer and Editor: Efrat Goren – Mor.